List of Prohibited Items

The following articles are prohibited from shipment to all countries:

  • Explosive Goods

Ammo/Fireworks/Lighter/Fuse/Weapon toy

  • Compressed or condensed gas

Fire extinguishers containing pressurized gas/Aerosol products/Aerosol cans/Butane/Gas lighter

  • Flammable liquids


  • Flammable solid substance

Substance liable to spontaneous combustions, Eg. match, substance that produces gas when in contact with water, nitrocellulose membrane, materials that can become dangerous in the presence of hydrogen

  • Oxidizing substance and organic peroxides

Highly flammable substance in the presence of oxygen/hair and textile dye/

bleaching agent or powder/certain types of glues and adhesives

  • Poison, Drugs and toxins, including drugs
  • Radioactive substance

Medical or research samples containing radioactive materials/corrosive substance/corrosive cleaning solution/corrosive agents that prevent or remove rust/instruments containing mercury or battery fluid