Thank you for choosing Airstore as your forwarding platform for your purchases in Denmark!

Airstore reminds you:

Airstore Forwarding's main responsibility is to deliver your goods purchased in Denmark online shops to our Denmark warehouse address, where we are responsible for signing for them, (reinforcing them), (packing them) and delivering them to the carrier in time for dispatch to the address provided by you.

Please strictly observe the relevant regulations of the Customs and quarantine authorities and transport regulations when delivering goods, otherwise you will bear all consequences. (Airstore's warehouse has the right to inspect the goods as the consignee).

Please read and thoroughly understand this statement in order to make the best use of Airstore.

 When you choose Airstore warehouse as your delivery address to provide you with a forwarding service, then your choice will be considered by Airstore as an endorsement of the entire content of this platform.

Note: If any problem arises, please contact us within two weeks in case a lot of information might not be able to be verified after two weeks. Failure to contact us within two weeks means that there is no problem by default and Airstore will not take any responsibility therefor. (The above-mentioned problems include: the parcel has not been signed for, the parcel signed for has not been warehoused, the parcel has been warehoused but not delivered, the parcel has been delivered but not received, etc.)

  1. Please fill in the exclusive address and name provided by Airstore correctly when you shop at all Denmark online shops. Airstore will not be held responsible if the parcel fails to be signed for properly due to failure to fill in the correct address as required, or if the parcel is not correctly registered in the customer's name due to incorrect completion of the consignee's information.

    Note:Our company is exempt from liability for debts/untimely processing/return of goods within the parcel due to incomplete recipient information on the surface of the parcel (incorrectly filled in by the customer, or incorrectly filled in by the merchant), resulting in the parcel not being correctly entered into the name of the customer. Moreover, our company has the right to open the parcels to check them!

  2. Except for special circumstances, parcels signed for will be warehoused within one working day, and re-warehoused parcels will be warehoused within one working day after the order has been delivered. If your parcel is not sent to the warehouse within one working day, please contact our customer service staff in time to check the parcel information. If you do not contact us within one week, we will not be responsible for the loss of goods or other issues therefore.

  3. Once a parcel that has been warehoused is lost, we will compensate according to the actual purchase value of the parcel.

    We will investigate the claim within 14 working days after you have submitted your claim. You will be required to provide a parcel tracking number, a screenshot of the parcel tracking in Denmark, a screenshot of the complete order with us as the delivery address and an electronic copy of the delivery confirmation email, an electronic copy of a detailed list of the items in the parcel, an electronic copy of the bill and an electronic copy of the payment voucher. If necessary, you also need to provide customer account information on the shopping website to help us investigate the parcel as soon as possible (Note: Airstore will not disclose any of your website information and related information).

  4. Free storage time for Airstore is 7 days, and a storage fee of RMB 10 will be charged for each warehoused parcel per day beyond the free storage time. Airstore will not be responsible for the loss of the parcel. Parcels which have been warehoused for 90 days and not sent out will be deemed by the warehouse as discarded parcels by default.

  1. Our delivery is based on the parcel bill number on the waybill submitted by you. We will not be held responsible for any incomplete transit of goods due to incomplete parcel bill numbers submitted by you. Please check the contents of your order carefully and ensure that they are correct before submitting it. If you select the order count service, please fill in the goods description carefully. We will not be responsible for the contents of the parcel if the description of the goods does not correspond to the actual goods or if the description of the goods is incomplete, rendering the warehouse staff unable to check the goods, and we can even refuse to deliver the goods, so as to avoid misunderstandings caused by the merchant's omission of delivery, etc.
  2. Packages of parcels sent from the merchant within Denmark are very simple and cannot withstand the crushing over the long international distances. Please select the reinforcement service for the safety of your goods. If the parcel is damaged or wet due to non-reinforcement, you will bear the consequences and Airstore will not take any responsibility for this.
  3. Airstore is not responsible for any issues such as parcels not being delivered correctly if the address, name or contact details are not filled in correctly when the order is submitted (Airstore directly exports the address in the customer's order to the outer box by way of a sticker when the label is attached for delivery, so please make sure to fill in the order information carefully).

    Note: Submitting your order is an important step for ensuring the safe delivery of your goods. Please fill in the relevant content carefully, Airstore will not be held responsible for any issues caused by incomplete or incorrect content, so please make sure you fill in the information carefully.

  1. The parcels submitted for reinforcement service will go through five procedures: picking, order checking, reinforcement packing, checking the packing, and attaching label for delivery; there should be at least three persons present at the same time in each process to ensure the maximum possible safety of goods.

  2. We recommend you to select the count service in order to avoid misunderstanding caused by lack of goods and other factors, and fill in the description of the goods carefully. We have the right not to deliver goods if the description of the goods is not consistent with the actual content of the parcel you have submitted in the event of unsuccessful contact.

  3. Our warehouse department has a set of strict standard packaging operation specifications, the warehouse department staff will provide reinforcement for orders that require reinforcement according to the actual situation of the parcel; please select the upgrade reinforcement service if you have special requirements, contact customer service personnel to confirm the specific service, the warehouse will indicate "Abnormal orders" if they cannot be met. Please consult customer service personnel in advance for special reinforcement requirements; it is not recommended to purchase fragile and perishable items for transportation, and you will have to bear the consequences of breakage.

  4. Our company will not perform any operation for orders that are not to be reinforced, and they will be directly forwarded out as they are. All risks and losses incurred will be borne by the customers.

  1. Our normal delivery time is 1-3 working days from the next day after the order is made for payment, special cases will be delayed by 1-2 working days, after the goods are packed, if there are no other special reasons we will deliver the parcel to the carrier in time to undertake the transportation within the promised time. For parcels that have not been delivered within 7 working days, please contact us in time, otherwise we will not be responsible for any damage caused.

  2. In case you have not received the parcel within 45 days after the goods are delivered, we will help contact the carrier for tracking. If the parcel update progress information is displayed but you have not received it yet, please calculate from the last update time of the parcel and request a survey if the last tracking status has not been updated for more than 1 month of natural days.

      Please make sure that you provide billing information (PDF is preferred) for the items contained in your parcel or a screenshot of the value of your valid order when submitting your survey request.

       We will assist you in applying for compensation from the carrier as soon as we receive the notification result from the carrier confirming the loss of the parcel. After receiving confirmation from the carrier, we will advance the compensation to the customer. Loss compensation standard: full compensation will be made according to the actual purchase value of the parcel (up to the declared amount when you submit the order) and the actual delivery freight you have paid.

       Note: If the status of the parcel has not been updated, and the customer has not immediately submitted an application for investigation, the carrier of the parcel delivered for more than 3 months will no longer accept the application for investigation.

    1. The parcels whose logistics status is shown as signed for are excluded from the scope of compensation for lost parcels;

        If the customer's receipt information is wrongly written, the local delivery personnel's work errors and other reasons, resulting in the logistics status shown as signed for, but the actual customer feedback parcels have not been received; customers are required to negotiate with the local delivery agency (responsible person) to deal with this situation; the parcels that have been signed for do not meet the definition of lost by the carrier and are not within the scope of lost package compensation; please provide proof of loss if you need our assistance, and we can try to apply to the carrier, but the final compensation and the amount of compensation will be subject to the actual.

      1. Parcel return

        Please strictly observe the relevant regulations of the Customs and quarantine authorities and transport regulations when forwarding goods, otherwise you will bear all consequences. You have to pay the return fee of 1.25 times of the actual freight if you return the goods, and if you send the goods again, you will be charged separately, without refunding the first payment.

      1. Please ask the delivery party to issue a written proof when you receive the parcel if you have purchased cargo damage insurance from the carrier and found the parcel severely damaged or with obvious cargo damage. The insurance company will only compensate for damaged parcels with written documentation from the delivery party. We will assist you in applying for a claim if your materials are complete,but the final compensation and the amount of compensation will be subject to the value determined by the insurance company.
      2. Because we have strictly followed the standard process of delivery, ensuring that at least three people are present at the same time to check that the goods are correct, we are sorry if the goods are missing when you receive the parcel, but we cannot be held responsible for any losses that may be caused by the courier, customs or third party consignees.
      3. We regret that when you receive a parcel, the contents of the parcel are damaged without damage to the outer packaging. We are only the forwarder, not the carrier, and the entire transport is the responsibility of the carrier and the local delivery party . For example,the process of delivery from Denmark to China is a long distance international transport, there are many factors beyond our control that may lead to damage, such as air bursts at high altitude, customs spot checks (e.g. every box of milk powder is punctured for inspection, there have been cases where a number of items have been removed after the parcel has been opened by customs), brutal transport by courier staff at various local post offices, etc. We recommend that you take out cargo damage insurance for items covered by the policy.

        Note: Many local products are for local use only, so the manufacturer of the product does not take into account factors such as air pressure at altitude during air transport, so this may further lead to the possibility of the outer box being undamaged and the inner bag being damaged. Airstore cannot be held responsible for this.

        You are deemed to be bound by the full terms and conditions when you deliver your parcel to our address, including acceptance of any changes to the Terms of Service made by Airstore at any time, which may be updated by Airstore at any time without notice.

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