Director of JD Mall



Job Description:

Air Store Aps is the first Danish local e-commerce company settled in the Jingdong Mall. In the past 2016, sales of “the Star of Northern Europe” on JD owned by Air Store APS has grown rapidly and kept ahead of rivals. Now our company focus on the development of cross-border e-commerce business in China under the modern business environment, and we plan to recruit a director of our own JD shop who is in charged of the shop strategic framework, financial budget, personnel distribution, launching products, price setting, marketing, public relations and communicating with China Customs, China Commodity Inspection Bureau and various local bonded areas. The shop director reports directly to the general manager .

Job Duties:

* To draw up a medium and long-term development strategy of “the Star of Northern Europe” shop. Cooperate with and support the cross-border e-commerce business strategy of the whole company.

* To execute the company general cross-border e-commerce business strategy and optimize the overall strategy with the implementation steps.

* To prepare “the Star of Northern Europe” annual budget as a whole and to recommend and improve the results. Responsible for providing practical and reliable budget data to the company’s leadership.

* Responsible for the personnel distribution, post setting and open recruitment.

* To publish the suitable products, release time and the selection of alternative products.

Responsible for setting up sales portfolio and popularizing products knowledge and sales skills.

* To make reasonable and appropriate retail prices, activity prices and portfolio prices.

Provide reasonable advice to the leadership on the price of major market promotions.

* Communicate and maintain the relationship with print media and new social media.

* Contact with China Customs, China Commodity Inspection Bureau and local bonded areas and responsible for correct interpretation of official policies and regulations. Prepare proposals and options for official policy adjustments.

* Communicate with the logistics partners, negotiate specific contract terms and develop harmonious logistics support and after-sales service plans.


* Willing to travel to mainland China and Hongkong for a long time.

* More than three years of business management, online shop management, information engineering or IT project management experience.

* Bachelor degree or above, specializing in management, business, information engineering, IT and so on.

* Fluent in Chinese Mandarin and English listening, speaking and reading skills

* Skilled in all sorts of office software.

* Pleasant personality.

Salary and Benefits:

* Annual salary of 400,000 Danish krone.

* Holiday pay

* Annual bonus

Send your resume to lin@airstore.dk

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